Tuesday, December 22, 2009

'head'ing for more

heads and faces yet to be seen.

sorry for such a late and quick post...hell at work!!
thank you guys for all the visits,kind words and awesome support.
you all rock !!!

happy holidays for the lucky ones...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

digital escapade...

there was this awesome feature about copper furnaces somewhere in discovery channel lately..
i picked up the splinter from this show.

what should ideally have got finished in about 40 mins turned out to be a marathon...!!
i was shifting in between phone calls, work , email, coffee...

its some wicked place with 'god knows what' messy stuff made inside( probably retro jukebox copper robots!!) , but i thought its all metal so the furnace gets dilapidated slightly towards the seafront, so they have these rigs and pillars to hold it together from falling apart..

need to find more time to work out...chow mates and thanks for all the comments!!!
you are all one hell of a sport!!