Tuesday, December 22, 2009

'head'ing for more

heads and faces yet to be seen.

sorry for such a late and quick post...hell at work!!
thank you guys for all the visits,kind words and awesome support.
you all rock !!!

happy holidays for the lucky ones...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

digital escapade...

there was this awesome feature about copper furnaces somewhere in discovery channel lately..
i picked up the splinter from this show.

what should ideally have got finished in about 40 mins turned out to be a marathon...!!
i was shifting in between phone calls, work , email, coffee...

its some wicked place with 'god knows what' messy stuff made inside( probably retro jukebox copper robots!!) , but i thought its all metal so the furnace gets dilapidated slightly towards the seafront, so they have these rigs and pillars to hold it together from falling apart..

need to find more time to work out...chow mates and thanks for all the comments!!!
you are all one hell of a sport!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

digital speed dab

just a speed sketch..
around 15 mins i guess.i was too tired to even tickle my toe..
will come back with some serious shots...

thanks for the support..seeya soon!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

gang of roxanne

just a sketch ..done in bits and pieces.
i had too much to get bothered in between at work...so these ladies had to be pretty much rough.

i wanted to detail... but eventually i decided to end the piece here...
at times you just want to go no further ...hope you resonate!!!

thanks for all the comments

Friday, November 20, 2009

..and then god made...

here's the confession -it starts a bit goth and then a pair of traditional doe-eyes.

its getting to my senses now... and im finding how irresistible this is!! ( why didnt i start doing this before?)

..more ladies are getting ready so this may get to be a nice party.
all are welcome and thanks for the kudos...

everybody's such sport..thankyou!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

ragnarok cometh!!

character designs for an upcoming project.
apparently these guys missed the pitching day .. i forgot to take this sketch :)
ragnarok is the code name..cant tell you the real one.

yes. its norse.

btw..i just got a brief suspended moment atop the 9th cloud.
tad just told me that 'mike mignola' saw my sketches and said " nice stuff"
thanks a lot tad ...
thanks a ton.

i hope i get a chance to work with him one day.
thanks for all the visits and cheers.. real good inspiration and hell lot of talented guys onboard.

Friday, November 13, 2009

?? who made who ??

i always wanted to do this one..
i really like the way mignola has established Rasputin...i felt he is always a shodow looming over hellboy ..its like the kid you first picked up a fight with in your school..
you never forget those first ones..rite?

i had a dream that mike mignola would see my blog and might say one of these.

1. buddy better stop twisting red that way... OR
2. how about doing a short story with red...

im waiting for the day.

salutes to you !!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

drink milk everybody

a doodle ..
you will understand better if you've got a 2.8 yr old jr back at home who don't wanna drink milk..!!
gnite for now.
gotta make him drink now!!
thanks everybody.. you guys are one hellovaninspiration !!!

mignola rules..while he is not ruling..he rocks


im taking red on a trip back time..
he's a ronin..
no bushido..
no master.. ( ahem.. thats not a katana.. i know..all i can say is that its a broken sword he got from under the sea once..;))

thats what happens in a parallel time frame back when hellboy abandons 'bprd'.

mike dont sue me for twisting your great stories.. im just a big hellboy fan wanting to work on 'one' ..oneday!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

a couple of new posts

i'm getting drowned at work..
hence no detailed postings.. these are mostly scribbles.
especially 'gulf gopalan'..

you can see the recent stuff from my new signature..hehe

i wrote this story recently about an expat who returns back to his native in kerala, with high hopes of living a native life.. something that he slaughtered for sake of big dreams..
but along with him in one of those huge suitcases came a cockroach from dubai..
a satire short..half written.. i aim to sot it very soon.

the googoogang..hopefully wont land me in trouble...
when baby green gets angry ( you know who) , he runs away from the mutant montessori
now its the turn of the super blossoms to team up and get the angry green baby back..
so ..."goo goo gang".

the third one was my entry to the iron giant contest.. i lost track in between.
thought of posting this here...

thanks for being here... your words are real green gasoline to move ahead.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

a couple of new ones

recent stuff..
the first ones a story i've written.. hope i'll get it thru one day.
the next is my own take on Hanuman.
i made him more of a stylized warrior monkey..
got the idea of the 'om' trailing behind as he runs...

enjoy and thanks for stopping by !!!

hey.. ive got a new signature.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

crafts and colour keys






lotsa faces...

... i dig characters in faces a lot.. poses follow next..
these are a couple of them out of many.

i like the way thoughts arrive...

i have a lot to talk about all of these...
you can find it in the flickr album..
the slide show is visible on the right hand side...