Wednesday, March 31, 2010

cardio for the soul

kids...just trying to capture the feel of these amazing beings !!
today's workout from my daily 'just before leaving' wacom cardio session!!

thanks for all the comments..everybody.. for your kind words and inspirations

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Remains of a lost project !!

I hate to talk about this project...y'know the kinda stuff which suddenly stops/vanishes and your client just gets caught up in a vanishing act.

they wanted a 'different looking tiger'..a doberman and a..wise speaking old tree..
these were the explorations..

I've been waiting for some sign for the past 3 months.
Now that theres nothing..I may as well go post this stuff (so that theres some proof if they use it without my knowledge)

For all those who think 'design grows in trees'...
well 'does' grow in trees..
But then it needs someone to cultivate and fertilize it.
and farming is you better spare money ..cause DESIGN IS NOT FREE..

Sorry guys...i hate 'em when they take this profession lightly !!

Do I make sense? what do you think?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

tears of the faun

one day all the paper will get over..
but by then all the trees would have got cut...
and all the forests would have been wiped away...

as for those mythical beings..poor them...
unlike the owl, the weasel and partridge which would have been history by then...

we humans would then open an emporium ...we will showcase these wonders.
there would be a great party...all the leftover paper would be used in the toilets near the banquet hall..

the only silent ones would be these the faun,for he would have lost his music with those forests..

and then man would speak on their behalf.. he will write stories and plant trees,so that the trees will grow and can be hacked down to make the paper which will print the stories...

and once everythings over,a book will be published.

we will shamelessly call it 'fairy tales'...again!!

sorry for the long absence... work kept me away,but i promise that i will be posting very often..
thanks a ton my fellow trolls!!