Sunday, March 28, 2010

Remains of a lost project !!

I hate to talk about this project...y'know the kinda stuff which suddenly stops/vanishes and your client just gets caught up in a vanishing act.

they wanted a 'different looking tiger'..a doberman and a..wise speaking old tree..
these were the explorations..

I've been waiting for some sign for the past 3 months.
Now that theres nothing..I may as well go post this stuff (so that theres some proof if they use it without my knowledge)

For all those who think 'design grows in trees'...
well 'does' grow in trees..
But then it needs someone to cultivate and fertilize it.
and farming is you better spare money ..cause DESIGN IS NOT FREE..

Sorry guys...i hate 'em when they take this profession lightly !!

Do I make sense? what do you think?


Raghu Gopalan said...

കൊള്ളാം.കിടിലന്‍ വരയും ഡിസൈനും.
ക്ലൈന്റുകളില്‍ നിന്ന് അത്രയൊക്കെയേ പ്രതീക്ഷിക്കാവൂ, അല്ലേ?

kArthIk said...

Absolutely agree with that cultivation is highly expensive the tiger!!!

Brad said...

awesome sketches!!!

TJ Lubrano said...

Helloo Manoj!

How are you doing? You know, I can't believe I didn't stumble upon your blog earlier either :|. You have some amazing work here!

Ooh so sorry to hear about this though! But I guess you will always have people who think of illustrating as a 'hobby', as a light profession that you can do easily on the side -_-'. I agree with you say and it's a good thing you post it here, because we can enjoy these amazing sketches!

Take care!

Jason Crawford. said...

These are awesome and yeah i agree with TJ.
Alot of people kinda believe that drawing is like a hobby and treat it accordingly.
Keep it up, love the style of the tiger.


Noor Mohammed said...

Hey bro, I will thank that cheater client to give a chance to us to entertain your awesome talent. Anyways, most of the clients in our field are like this only. Don’t expect so much decency from them always. =)

Abhilash.N said...

Super Designs Machooo...!
Love the Dog and Tiger .
This is absolutely not Freeeeeee..!

ratheeshk said...

superb....tree man adipoli!!!!

kanishk said...

good work.
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Nikhilesh said...

yes you do make sense..
But there were lots of things happening in my life.
My fiance's mom expired , after couple of weeks my grandma too expired,my life was on hold.. for a while.. i know i should have kept you in touch. I am sorry for being unprofessional but sometime nothing can be done about it.
The project i started is not stopping at any cost. i have done with the preprod and it is in asset building stage.
And dont worry i am not going to use your characters. hope i could get a chance to work with you in future. you are a fabulous artist and i always liked you work.
Nikhil DT

Nikhita said...

I understand.

sachin.k said...

love it :)

mohan Udgiri said...

ohhhhhhh! here is some useful comments for learn that how to deal with the clients.
But truly your work is awesome! thx for sharing it.

gooseberry said...

came accross your blog thru pencil jam...absolutely love your work!! loving the tiger too:)
all the best

perspective said...

You make complete sense Manoj... Have experienced the same a million times being an Architect.... they do that to you all the time... But I have to say i came to read this post coz i loved the Tigers and the Dobermans.. I feel they're really awesome!
So good to bump into you.