Thursday, November 12, 2009

mignola rules..while he is not ruling..he rocks


im taking red on a trip back time..
he's a ronin..
no bushido..
no master.. ( ahem.. thats not a katana.. i know..all i can say is that its a broken sword he got from under the sea once..;))

thats what happens in a parallel time frame back when hellboy abandons 'bprd'.

mike dont sue me for twisting your great stories.. im just a big hellboy fan wanting to work on 'one' ..oneday!!


keehtarp said...

ha ha... this one is too cool.. taking big red back in time and in space... wonder if he happened to cross paths with ogami itto over there?


Concept devil said...

hey,cool stuff. So big red's out to kick some kung-fu ass or what?! i can see some chinese-smoke coming out of that cigar :D

Sinu said...

Deadly sketch!

Raghu Gopalan said...

you've got a great style


super !!!

Tanqueta said...

Hi! Very nice sketch!
One question... wich font do you use for the text?