Wednesday, November 11, 2009

a couple of new posts

i'm getting drowned at work..
hence no detailed postings.. these are mostly scribbles.
especially 'gulf gopalan'..

you can see the recent stuff from my new signature..hehe

i wrote this story recently about an expat who returns back to his native in kerala, with high hopes of living a native life.. something that he slaughtered for sake of big dreams..
but along with him in one of those huge suitcases came a cockroach from dubai..
a satire short..half written.. i aim to sot it very soon.

the googoogang..hopefully wont land me in trouble...
when baby green gets angry ( you know who) , he runs away from the mutant montessori
now its the turn of the super blossoms to team up and get the angry green baby back..
so ..."goo goo gang".

the third one was my entry to the iron giant contest.. i lost track in between.
thought of posting this here...

thanks for being here... your words are real green gasoline to move ahead.


RAWLS said...

Fantastic work my friend! Really nice style!

Sinu said...

Hi Manoj, awesome blog... and great portfolio. Love your works. Am following it now. Hope you keep updating it often :)

Manoj a menon said...

thanks rawls..

guys this is the great Darren rawlings..
creator of 'agent orange'
check out his AO at popgun 4.
he has a cool weekly online comics too-'rex the cyclops'.
thanks for being here darren

Manoj a menon said...

thanks for being here..
you've got a great blog too.
yes.. i will be updating sooner..
thanks for all the kind words.

Arun Kumar said...

Wow dude, love your work! Especially those mini marvel superheroes... two thumbs up!

The Machine said...

Hey Manu,

Thanks for the positive feedback. I really like your work as well. Your character designs are really dynamic. They have a really fun and lively style to them. Nice Iron Giant too by the way! Love that movie.

I see that you're a concept designer, Are you working for a company or freelancing?

Thanks for stoppin' by my blog, I'll be posting more soon so stay tuned!


Lindsey Lydecker said...

Hi, thank you so much for the kind words. Your art work is absolutely gorgeous. I love your sketches a lot. I will be following your blog as well. It is quite wonderful. Thank you again for checking out my work. means a lot.
- Linds

Ken said...

lovely lovely work on your blog!

The googoogang are AWESOME! Esp wolvie :D

Sam said...

Your work is Fantastic!! I'm really in awe of your drawing style, the colors and the way they stand out.
Wonderful stuff!

bottleHeD said...

Hey Manoj, your art looks really good! We'd love to have you contribute to the Comix.India project!

Check out the CDBi forums - - I'm registered there as "bottleHeD"

You can also add me on gtalk if you need more details - kailash (dot) iyer (a)

keehtarp said...

i loved the googoo gang..!!! it would be great to see these guys as small figurines or magnets and badgets..

Concept devil said...
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Concept devil said...

Lol! the new signature reminds me of those posters i used to flick from walls in my school days. :D i mean ..the A and the circle around it..oh i see hair too?! ;)

kiddin. the gang loos fun.. especially mr quick silver with the silver tooth showing off :D

Concept devil said...

oh by the way, it's rosh :)

Divakar B S said...

like ur work buddy... keep doing

wish u the best